Sports Team Bus Hire & Minibus Hire

Sports Transport with Sydney Bus Hire Company

Traveling to sporting events is easier with a private bus hire! Whether you’re transporting a team of players or a team of dedicated fans, we’ll make sure everyone travels comfortably to the next big match. Bus hire options include 18-passenger minibuses, 56-passenger coaches, and many sizes in between, meaning there’s always a vehicle that’s perfect for you. Call us today at +61 (02) 8069-7229 to learn more about how we can help with sports travel!

Simple Storage Solutions

Between oversized luggage bays, overhead compartments, and extra legroom on large models, there’s plenty of room to store your team’s luggage and equipment on the way to your match. Everyone will keep comfortable with air conditioning and reclining seats while they stretch out and enjoy the ride. You won’t have to worry about carry-on bags wandering into the aisle while you travel.

Community on the Road

Whether you’re travelling with a team or with your fellow die-hard fans, you’ll enjoy the chance to socialize and hang out while on the road. Play a few games, listen to music together, or just take the chance to relax on the way to the match. Fans will arrive ready to cheer and players will arrive ready to perform.

Team Activities with a Bus

Celebrate a win by taking your team on an unforgettable day trip! Whether you’ll be staying in Sydney or venturing to a nearby attraction, a bus is a great way to keep everyone organised so you can focus on enjoying your time with your team.

Stylish Transport to Any Away Game

Sydney Bus Hire Company is prepared to find the perfect transport for your team. With experience in accommodating groups of all sizes, we’re always able to take all of your requests into consideration and find a bus that will guarantee a safe and comfortable trip. To get started, call us today at +61 (02) 8069-7229. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience!