Corporate Bus Hire & Minibus Hire

Professional Corporate Bus Hires in Sydney

We know how much time and effort can go into organising a corporate event. From the venue to the schedule, every detail is just as important as the rest. At Sydney Charter Bus Company, our passion is to make securing reliable group transportation easy and efficient so your event runs smoothly.

With over 3,000 buses in our network, we’ll match you with the perfect bus tailored to your needs, whether you need one or a whole fleet. Starting the booking process is easy-- just call us any time at +61(02) 8069-7229 with your itinerary, and we’ll handle the rest.

Stay Organised and On Time

Corporate events run on tight schedules that can quickly turn to chaos if one little detail goes amiss. Sydney Bus Hire Company values your time, so we ensure your professional driver arrives 15 minutes prior to your departure time to keep everything on time.

Keep your employees organised with a private and professional bus hire. When you separate groups between public transport and rideshare apps, you can risk them getting lost and arriving late, putting your whole event off schedule. Instead, your employees can have a direct ride to a venue like the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre while they prepare for the event.

Keep Business Going on the Road

Each luxury bus you hire through Sydney Bus Hire Company comes with a choice of premium amenities for optimal comfort and productivity. Request a bus with power outlets and WiFi so employees can answer emails, participate in meetings, and continue to work while on the road.

Features like reclining seats, on-board restrooms, extra legroom, flat screen TVs, and more will allow your group to relax and enjoy their ride so they can arrive completely ready for their day. We’ll handle all the transport logistics while everyone bonds, socializes, and prepares.

Reliable Bus Hires for All Corporate Events

Your bus hire needs are our top priority, and we’ll make sure your group transport is the easiest part of planning your next corporate event. Call us today at +61(02) 8069-7229 to speak to a 24/7 reservation specialist.