Getting around Sydney can be stressful for residents and visitors alike, and it’s important to choose a reliable transportation resource. While charter buses may seem like an non-traditional form of transport, they are actually one of the most efficient ways to navigate Sydney. Check out the top ten reasons you should rent a charter bus for your travels through Sydney.

1. Comfort

A private coach provides a greater level of comfort for passengers traveling through bustling cities. Compared to private cars, taxis, and public transport, private coaches have more legroom, larger windows, and better air-conditioning units to facilitate more comfortable rides. If you plan on spending hours on the streets of Sydney exploring, it’s important for you to ride in complete comfort from start to finish– hire a personal bus to ensure that you can always travel comfortably.

2. Amenities

Ensuring a comfortable ride requires more than just nice seats and some cool air. When you book a charter bus, you have the ability to request a number of premium amenities that can further improve your riding experience, including luggage bays, plush seats, power outlets, toilets, and more. With all of these amenities at your fingertips, you’re able to enjoy a more intimate, comfortable riding experience.

3. Drivers

Few things determine the quality of your ride more than your driver. Instead of relying on random drivers to get you to and from your required destination, count on a professional, trustworthy driver provided by Sydney Bus Hire. While rideshare applications and taxis hire an abundance of drivers at random, we vet our drivers long before they ever touch the road, so you can rest assured that you’re enjoying a safe, comfortable ride.

4. Storage

Tourists and travelers know the struggles that come with lugging suitcases, shopping bags, and other personal items around during a trip. While you may have been used to stressing about the location of your possessions during travels in the past, those days are over. Sydney Bus Hire Company reserves coaches that come equipped with spacious luggage bays, designed to hold all of your precious goods. Never worry about lugging around dozens of bags ever again– reserve a bus hire to handle that for you!

5. Entertainment

If you ever feel like you’re getting bored when riding through Sydney, you’ll be excited to know that you can even request entertainment amenities for your bus. When you call us at +61 (02) 8069-7229, you can request flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and power outlets for access to all of your favorite electronic entertainment needs. Surf the web, watch movies, check emails, and even knock out some work during your commute to the next destination.

6. Safety

A private bus provides a significantly safer ride than a majority of the transportation solutions available. The sheer size of a coach alone makes it more resistant to the damages faced on the road, and most coaches are designed with a steel-cage frame for added protection. In addition to improved safety specs, your coach is equipped with a driver who is a trusted professional well-versed with the streets.

7. Accessibility

Coach hires provide improved accessibility for riders from various backgrounds. If your group features passengers with disabilities, in wheelchairs, or senior citizens, a coach hire has specific nuances tailored to their needs. Make sure your ride is as inclusive as possible by booking a coach with enhanced accessibility features.

8. Capacity

Traveling the streets of Sydney with a large group? Forget about cramming everyone into the tube or booking a bunch of taxis. If you’re traveling with more than 35 passengers, simplify your journey by booking a charter bus that can seat a maximum of up to 56 people.

9. Control

You’re given the liberty of choosing your pickup point, destination, and any stops along the way when you reserve a private coach hire. Don’t leave your journey in the hands of public mandates and unreliable drivers– plot a route that works for you.

10. Privacy

A major downside of riding public transit is the lack of control over who you share your ride with. For those who would like to travel right alongside their friends and family, book a personal bus for easy and organised transport. Choose exactly how many passengers you want to ride with, as well as where they will be picked up and dropped off.